Nurses 4 Ever Fit™ Challenge

According to a research study published by NCBI, almost 54% of nurses are overweight or obese. Fifty-three percent of these nurses report that they are overweight but lack the motivation to make lifestyle changes. Why?

Nurses are great care takers of everyone else but statistic show they do not always do the same for themselves. They tend to nurture others while putting themselves last. Because of this, obesity is becoming an epidemic in the field of nursing as well. Long erratic hours, lack of rest, and the inability to stop for a decent meal all contribute.

Nurses 4 Ever Fit™ wants to help change that! July 1st 2019 kicks off the Nurses 4 Ever Fit™ Challenge. Nurse from all over the are encouraged to choose a health goal and engage in health-related activities related to that goal for the entire month of July.

In an effort to increase awareness around self-care for nurses, participants of the #nurses4everfirchallenge will do the following:

  1. Choose a health-related goal. (exercises, healthy eating, rest, relaxation etc.)
  2. Every time you partake in that health-related goal, you will tag Nurses 4 Ever Fit™ on IG or FB with the #nurses4everfitchallenge stating what you are doing or sharing a picture to encourage others.
  3. The nurse with the most hashtags at the end of the month will win!

What will the winner receive?

  1. A interview and feature in the Nurses 4 Ever Fit™ Code YOU! blog. This feature will highlight your wellness journey and your endeavors as a nurse.
  2. Exclusive Nurses 4 Ever Fit™ Gear
  3. A surprise gift from one of our sponsors.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late. Formulate a health goal and get started. You have to take care of you first. You’re are worth it!

4 thoughts on “Nurses 4 Ever Fit™ Challenge”

  1. I have a cholesterol level of 250. I’m so ashamed and scared. I’m participating in the challenge with goals of healthy eating and exercising. I will be up by six am tomorrow to power walk 3 laps in the morning on my days off and three laps in the evening after work.

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